Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE ---APRIL 1, 2020

Dear Baltimore Orthodontic Group patients and families,

I hope this email finds you and your families well and that you are starting to adjust to the changes and challenges our lives have brought us these past few weeks.  Thank you for being such a collective body of wonderful people. We have had nothing but positive support from all of you during this difficult time and I appreciate each and every one of you.  We will be closed for the indefinite future, but we truly look forward to when we are able to re-open our doors to your smiling faces again soon!

Although we are closed, we are still here for you!  Here are the ways you can connect with us:

  • FAQ’s – We have attached a Frequently Asked Questions flyer to this email.  This is a great place to start!  The answer to many questions will be answered on this flyer.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – all of our announcements and office information can be found on Facebook @ baltimoreorthodonticgroup (Lutherville) or Facebook and Instagram - @BOGsmiles for both. (For Eastpoint, Catonsville, Ellicott City or Eldersburg)
  • TEXT – 410-418-8370 (For Eastpoint, Eldersburg, Ellicott City and Catonsville)– A doctor is available to answer simple questions via text at any time.  Or you can text us just to say hello!  We are lonely in quarantine too!
  • CALL – 410-418-8370 (EC), 410-744-0260 (Cats), 410-549-9500(Eld) – A team member is answering phones from 8am-1pm daily. For Lutherville call 410-321-0505
  • EMAIL – – a team member is answering e-mails daily.
  • EMERGENCY – for true orthodontic emergencies, that include severe pain, trauma, or infection, please call or text 410-877-4847 (Ellicott City patients), 443-812-0422 (Catonsville/Eldersburg patients) or 410-321-0505 (Lutherville patients)
  • VIRTUAL CHECK UP – text 410-418-8370 if you wish to schedule a virtual check-up to see an orthodontist via ZOOM.  It’s super easy! Or call 410-321-0505 for Lutherville
  • SEND PHOTOS – if you have a question that requires showing us your teeth, but feel a little awkward about a video appointment with the orthodontist, you can always email us photos.  We have attached SIX example photos to the bottom of this email.  Email us these 6 photos along with the FULL NAME of the patient, and your question.
    • Use 2 kitchen spoons to retract your cheeks!  The concave portion should be the part that touches your cheeks.
    • It’s easier to do this with a partner, but you can also do this with a front facing camera, and set the auto timer!  That’s how I took the example photos.
    • Turn the flash on, and make sure the TEETH are in focus!
    • Feel free to crop your photos, just make sure you leave the lips in the photo
  1. Front photo – make sure you are biting all the way down on your back teeth
  2. Front photo with slight opening – open slightly so we can see the edges of your front teeth
  3. Upper photo – move the spoons to the upper lip and tip your head back to try and capture all of the biting surfaces of the upper teeth.
  4. Lower photo – move the spoons to the lower lip and tip your head down to try and capture all of the biting surfaces of the lower teeth.
  5. Right side – bite all the way down on your back teeth (this is SO, SO important). Loosen the spoon on the left, and pull the spoon on the right all the way back.  Turn your head away from the camera, so you can get a photo that is perpendicular to the side teeth in their proper bite.
  6. Left side – same as right, but loosen the right spoon, and pull the left spoon all the way back.  Make sure you are biting on your back teeth!!

We look forward to connecting with you, even if it does mean only virtually for the time being.  We are excited for the day when we can reopen our doors to you and your families.  We will contact you to reschedule if your appointment was canceled once we reopen.  Stay well! 


The whole Baltimore Orthodontic Team